Trivia Night at the Flea!

Trivia Nights at the Flea are a blast! 

If you already love The Flea, you’ll love Trivia Night even more! Every week we get together for mind-boggling trivia like you wouldn’t believe – and we’re out to win CASH! Enjoy your favorites from our menu, drink specials, and see if you’ve got more knowledge (or useless information) than the rest!

  • Wednesdays @ 8pm & Thursdays @ 9pm
  • $5 per person – up to 10 people per team
  • Register one hour before
  • We play for CASH!
  • Come early to get a table!

We’ll see you soon – and bring your friends!

Flea Weekends Means Karaoke Time!

Join us every Friday and Saturday Night at 9pm and be a Karaoke star! (Or at least attempt to…)

It’s the perfect way to spend an evening at the Flea – Burgers, Fries, Beers and Karaoke!

Hosted by Carrieoke Productions and DJ Tony Trujillo.

We go until 12:30 am, there is no fee, and a HUGE collection of songs! People of all ages and varying talents show up – from people who can’t carry a tune in a bucket to people who should have recording contracts. You’re sure to fit in somewhere! Ask about our specials that night when you come in.

And don’t forget – our karaoke has been voted the best in Kansas City several times by the Pitch Best Of! Experience it for yourself tonight!

Celebrate the Flea’s 33rd Bday with 1981 Prices!

The Flea is turning the ripe age of 33 this month – that’s 33 years holding the title of BEST BURGER in KC!

Flea burger with cheese and bacon.

Flea burger with cheese and bacon.

We’re celebrating for 4 straight days, at 1981 prices!

August 18 – August 21

Enjoy Mini Flea Burgers

for just

2 Bucks and Change

Bartender’s Beer Choice

So drop in and go back in time to 1981 – the birth of the Flea, and KC’s Best Burger!

Dine-In only. Not good with any other discounts or specials.

The Flea Celebrates 10k Facebook Fans!


We were so excited when we hit 10,000 fans that we decided to throw a party for one lucky fan!

Special thanks to ALL of our fans – keep on coming back!

We caught up with Roxanne Guzman, our lucky winner, on why she comes to the Flea and if she’s a karaoke gal or not. Read her answers below:20140801_195901

How do you like your burger?
I like my burger loaded and covered in bbq sauce

I go to the Flea when…?
The flea is actually the only place I eat burgers. I don’t eat red meat a whole lot, so when I get a craving for it that’s definitely where I go! I mean, hello, voted best in town for a reason 🙂

I like my burger (medium, etc.)…. ?
I get my burgers medium

Fries or curly fries?
Definitely curly fries! Sooo good

For work I:
I’m a stay at home mom

But what I’d really like to do is:
For now I absolutely love staying at hime with my 2 kids but as soon as my youngest starts school I plan to go back to work. I’m really into fitness, so I plan to get into that field

My favorite song for karaoke is:
Haha I’m more of a rockstar in my car alone kind of person. But I love watching other people sing

But I might also sing:
Anything 80’s

Favorite beverage at the Flea?
Oh my gosh I just recently tried their orange julius and it was aaaamazing. Hands down my new favorite drink

TV guilty pleasure:
Housewives of anything

I’m from Gravois Mills, Missouri, which is the lake of the Ozarks

There aren’t neighborhoods down there, all country and gravel roads

I go to the Flea with…?20140801_211650
I’m a huge family person. I hang out with my mom and grandma every chance I get

My dream dinner companion is …?
Jennifer Lawrence. Completely obsessed with her 🙂

Favorite WFM server?
Every one I’ve ever had there was so so sweet and attentive. I can’t for the life of me remember names… the girl I had Friday was really fun.. blonde, tall, star tattoos lol we liked her a lot

Nobody knows I:
I can eat an entire 10oz burger (with the curly fries) and feel completely guilt free haha best cheat meal everrr

Why Westport Flea Market?
It’s a really fun place to hang out, the food is amazing, and everyone that works there seems to love their job, which is really hard to come by. It’s a very happy environment 🙂

The Flea Burger at Westport Flea Market.

The Pitch Lists Flea Burger Tops in KC

The Pitch lists the top burgers in Kansas City that are “good enough for the national spotlight.” In the Charles Ferruzza column (July 1, 2014) another secret is out: they’re all under $10. It’s true, at the Westport Flea Market we’re good and we’re cheap.

The story goes on to say, “…the hamburgers really are very good. The ground chuck is from McGonigle’s, and the kitchen grills it perfectly. The place has a decent beer selection, and there’s air hockey. What more do you need?”

We couldn’t agree more!

Read the whole story: “Ten Great Burgers Under $10, No Winstead’s and No Town Topic” at

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