6 Alternative Holiday Party Tips

Tired of the same old holiday parties? In desperate need of a new idea? Well the flea has you covered! With our food and event spaces and these tips from tastycatering.com your holiday party will be one for the books!

As traditional holiday parties begin to fade into memory, consider treating employees to one more celebration. Venue availability and work calendars tend to be more open as the mad rush of the holidays ends, which may even persuade you to host your big seasonal party in January instead!

  1. Re-Gifting Party

When the lunchroom chatter turns to that of “I don’t need another one of these!” employees really would love a re-wrap party. Guests have a blast swapping out unwanted gifts for something they love or need instead.

Helpful Tips:

  • Set a price range. Ideally, everyone will go home with a gift of similar value.
  • Draw numbers. Randomly pick the order for choosing gifts to keep the selection fair.
  • Have a drink. Schedule an hour for socializing and drinking signature cocktails before the trading begins.
  • Set up a donation bin. Sometimes giving gifts to those in need feels better than receiving them. This is also a great way for companies to give back to the community even after the December holidays!
  1. “Kick-Off 2016” Campaign Party

After the busy holiday season, it’s nice when everyone can get together to regroup and review work objectives for the upcoming year. A kick-off campaign could include the launch of a new product or service and could be held as an evening event or in conjunction with a workday meeting.

  1. First Friday of the Year Party

Let the office celebrate the first Friday of the New Year together. Giving your team a jumpstart on the weekend is a nice welcome back from the holiday season.

If there is a big sports game scheduled for the weekend of your office party, set the theme as such! There is no better way to start the weekend than with Kansas City’s Best Burger!

  1. A Year in Review Party

Supercharge into each year by recognizing employees and departments’ accomplishments. With less stress and fewer looming deadlines, January is a great time to relax and indulge a bit. Book one of our event spaces for your meeting and have a burger and a few beers!

     5. First Quarter Celebration If you nailed your first quarter goals, go ahead and celebrate with the flea! Remember to celebrate the employees, whose hard work and commitment to the corporate vision, was the bread and butter to achieving those goals. Consider treating them to some fine cuisine like our chicken spedini or chicken a la joe!

6. Goal Setting Party

Invite employees to come together and enjoy delicious flea catering while setting goals. Throwing this kind of party in your office may inspire employees to set work related goals as well. Have bonding activities to bring everyone together because creating a network of supportive staff is the key to achieving corporate goals.

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Holiday Catering

The holiday’s are just around the corner and that means it’s time to start planning those holiday parties!

This time of year can be stressful, there is always cleaning to be done, some holiday event to get to and add the in-laws visiting on top of that and you’ve got yourself a headache! Take one less thing off your plate and let Joe Joe’s Catering help you out.

Whether is dinner for 12 or just appetizers and desserts we’ve got you covered!

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