3 Tips for a Successful Business Lunch

When your business requires confidential lunch meetings or you don’t have time to go to a restaurant for lunch, the best option is to plan a catered lunch meeting at your office. Bringing food in allows you to use your time most effectively and discuss business without fear of being overheard or disrupted. With Joe Joe’s Catering, and these tips from the Houston Chronicle, your next lunch meeting will be a success!

1. Choose an Appropriate MenuBeefTaco's

Select a menu for the lunch that will allow everybody who attends to find something good to eat. One option is have a buffet lunch so everybody who attends can make his or her own plate. Go South of the Border with Joe Joe’s and serve our Taco Bar – soft & hard shells, ground beef, salsa, lettuce, sour cream, cheese, Spanish rice, and beans. Want to stick with a Kansas City Classic that everyone will LOVE? You can’t go wrong with Westport Flea Market Burgers & Dogs – 1/2 lb Burgers and 1/4 Hot Dogs served with all the fixin’s, served with chips and potato salad. With a wide range of dietary restrictions these days, provide options for people on vegan, vegetarian, low-fat and allergy-laden diets. Joe Joe’s Catering has options like a Baked Potato and Salad Bar or the Super Veggie Wrap – served with pasta salad and potato chips.

2. Set Up Meeting Area

Arrange the furniture in the meeting area to be conducive to a productive meeting with food involved. Each person should have enough table space to both eat the food and take notes on paper, a laptop or other electronic device. If you will be making a presentation from the front of the room, arrange tables so all of the attendees are facing that direction rather than having to turn their chairs away from the table and food. If the catering is buffet-style, set up the food on the opposite side of the room from the front, so anyone who gets up to get more food will not disrupt the meeting.

clock3. Schedule Meeting Efficiently

Write out a meeting schedule that breaks down the meeting into blocks of time and accounts for the presence of food. For example, you will want to have the caterer arrive early enough so the food is ready and set up at least five minutes before people arrive. Schedule the first 20 minutes of the meeting for eating and small talk, or if you need to discuss business, choose light topics that do not require excessive note-taking. When people are done eating, schedule a short break to remove the food waste from the table and transition into the more heavily business-oriented portion of the meeting.


Follow these tips when it comes time to plan your next lunch meeting, and everyone will be pleased! Check out the whole Joe Joe’s Catering menu here and see all the tasty options Joe Joe’s has to offer. For questions or to order, call the catering hotline at (816) 561-9900.