How to Plan the Best Holiday Office Holiday!

If you’ve volunteered, or been volunteered, to plan your office’s holiday party this season—don’t worry! Joe Joe’s Catering knows it can be a daunting task – and you may be a bit overwhelmed trying to come up with something new and original to impress a variety of co-workers. Joe Joe’s has put together a list of a few steps to help get you started in the right direction and plan a party to remember!

  1. Pick a Theme. Picking a Theme for your holiday party helps to tie all aspects of the event together allowing you to make faster decisions as you move forward. Small decisions, like table decorations, are easier to make with a goal in mind.
  1. Select a Venue. This part can be tricky, but keeping your budget in mind is always a primary concern. This we understand! You don’t want to compromise quality, but you also don’t want to blow the whole budget on the location and have nothing left for other expenses. If you want a unique venue with a variety of spaces (that won’t break the budget), the Westport Flea Market offers the perfect solutions! With 3 event spaces all located within our cozy Westport party compound – directly in the heart of Kansas City – we’re sure to have just the right type of Event Room for your important occasion! And, our event spaces come fully equipped with a stage, flat screens, beverage service, and even a private entrance.
  1. Finalize your Menu with Exceptional Food and Beverages Options from Flea Catering.
    Whatever theme you chose for your event, Joe Joe’s has the menu to match! Affordable catering can be hard to find and quality food is arguably the most important aspect of most any party. Be sure to leave a good impression on your friends and co-workers by relying on Flea Catering to do what we do best—provide outstanding food with exceptional service. You can even make use of our handy online shopping cart to calculate the prices ( way in advance  of placing your order) on com. You’ll see that Flea Catering is not only quality, but affordable. (And, don’t worry, you won’t actually be charged anything until you call and place your actual order!)
  1. Flea Catering Delivers. If you opt to hold your party or special event at the office or another venue, call Joe Joe’s Catering to deliver! We deliver anywhere in KC – even St. Joe, Marshall, Leavenworth, and Lawrence! Call our Catering Hotline: (816) 561-9900 today to place you order!

There you have it! Four great ways to make your holiday party or event extra great – it all starts at the Joe Joe’s!