Summer Catering from Joe Joe’s!

Summer is officially here and that means it’s time to kick back and have fun with family and friends! With the weather getting hotter, nobody wants to be stuck grilling out in the sun – let Flea Catering do the heavy lifting while you relax in the shade! Enjoy KC’s best burger or try one of our other delicious summer options such as Frank’s hot dogs, crispy Fried Chicken, or our Chicken Caesar Wrap!

We deliver your food hot and fresh to you – we even go all the way to Lawrence, St. Joe, and Leavenworth! Kick back and relax by the pool and let Flea Catering take care of the rest. Give us a call on our hotline at (816) 561-9900 or place your order online!

Joe Joe's Catering

Memorial Day Catering from Joe Joe’s!

The long Memorial Day weekend signals the beginning of summer! The pools are finally open, and everyone is ready to get outside for some fresh air – a cookout is the perfect way to pay tribute to the fallen heroes of America. Enjoy the beautiful weather while Joe Joe’s Catering grills up the best burger in Kansas City for the whole neighborhood to enjoy!

A lot of planning goes into a gathering like this, so make it easy on yourself! Celebrate Memorial Day with classic burgers along with hot dogs and BBQ! We are located right in the middle of Westport, for your convenience. Need it delivered? Not a problem! We deliver all around Kansas City and even to Lawrence and St. Joe! Relax this Memorial Day and order delicious, affordable catering for you, your friends, and family.

We want it to be as convenient as possible to place your order, so we even have online ordering! Or, just give us a call at (816) 561- 9900.

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Let Joe Joe’s Catering Your Next Royal’s Watch Party!

Royals season is here and that means baseball, baseball, baseball! We know you can’t make it to every game and while having a watch party with your crew can be fun, it can be exhausting to keep up with your guests’ hunger. Let Joe Joe’s handle the food so you can kick back, relax, and enjoy watching our boys in blue!

We’ve got great appetizer combos like mini tacos and cheese trays, and our veggie trays are always a big hit! But you can’t stop at just snacks, we’ll also bring the best burger in KC right to your door! Made fresh from McGonigle’s beef, our specially seasoned burgers are just what your party needs to hit a home run! If burgers aren’t quite your flavor, we also offer delicious crispy fried chicken and Frank’s hot dogs. Don’t forget about our famous dessert tray, piled high with cheesecake, brownies, and cookies!

You’ll hit it out of the park when you let Joe Joe’s take care of your next Royals watch party! With options for both carryout and delivery, it won’t matter if you don’t have time to pick it up before the game – Joe Joe’s Catering has got you covered! We deliver anywhere in Kansas City from Lawrence to St. Joe! Visit our website to see our menu or call us at 816-561-9900 to place your order today!

Let Joe Joe’s Cater Your Graduation Party!

Summer is right around the corner and that means graduation season is here! Planning your grad party doesn’t have to be stressful. You can relax and enjoy this milestone as Joe Joe’s caters your graduation party to perfection!

Whether you’re feeding 15 guests or 50 guests, Joe Joe’s Catering has what it takes to make your Graduation party unforgettable! There’s something for every soon-to-be-graduate with delicious appetizers like Potato Skins, Fruit Trays, and Mini Tacos. Or try our tasty lunch options like BBQ Chicken, Sub Platters, or the BEST burger in Kansas City!

Don’t let the stress of finals and the drag of senioritis keep you from throwing a Graduation Party you’ll never forget – call Joe Joe’s Catering today to plan a party menu that’s perfect for you! And don’t forget – we deliver all around the Kansas City area, and even to Lawrence and St. Joe! View our full menu here or call our catering hotline at 816-561-9900!!

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3 Tips for Your St. Patrick’s Day Office Party

Everyone is at least a little Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, and toasting a pint of green beer isn’t exactly appropriate in most workplaces. Decorating, adding some music, and of course chowing down on some Irish-themed food is just the celebration your office needs! Whether you’re in Leawood, Westport, St. Joe or Liberty – your St. Patrick’s Day office party will be a hit with these tips from Joe Joe’s Catering!

St. Patrick’s Day Decoration

Run to the nearest store and pick up a few festive decorations to place around the office. While you’re there, grab some necklaces and hats for everyone – whoever forgot to wear green is covered!

Festive Music

What’s Saint Patrick’s Day without some festive tunes? Plug in some speakers and find a station to stream Irish folk music! Better yet – hire an Irish Dance Group to come perform!

Tasty Irish-Themed Luncheon

Give your colleagues a chance to sample some Irish food. And what food is more Irish than potatoes? Cater your St. Patrick’s Day office party with a baked potato bar from Joe Joe’s Catering and enjoy the classic food that the Irish have been eating for centuries! View our online menu or call the catering hotline, (816) 561-9900 for more information!

Joe Joe's Catering

Valentine’s Day Catering from Joe Joe’s!

Although some may prefer to ignore Valentine’s Day altogether, we do know that everyone can appreciate a delicious, hot lunch catered in to the office! What better way to show some love to your staff than surprising them with Joe Joe’s Catering on Valentine’s Day?

Your coworkers will love our veggie tray along with Kansas City’s best burger or hot dog. We also offer appetizer combinations like spinach and artichoke dip, mini tacos, and cheese trays. Or maybe V-Day calls for some of our tasty Italian entreés like our Chicken Spedini – Chicken Breast rolled in breadcrumbs and skewered, served with Italian Salad and Italian Sliced Bread. All are sure to impress even those few in the office who don’t exactly “heart” Valentine’s Day.

Show your appreciation for your coworkers with a Valentine’s Day meal from the Flea this year! Take a look at our online menu and give Joe Joe’s Catering a call and place your order at 816-561-9900!

3 Reasons to Have Joe Joe’s Cater Your Next Meeting

Even if you’re having a small and quick business meeting, something to fuel everyone up is always a perk. Whether it’s an early morning meeting or a lunch gathering, it’s always good to meet over a quick bite to eat to get everyone on the same page and the positive energy flowing. Here are some tips from Joe Joe’s Catering to make your next catered meeting a success!

  • Convenience. Likely the most appealing to anyone planning a meeting. Handing off the responsibility to a professional like Flea Catering puts you at ease, and you can focus more on those important business decisions on the agenda.
  • Range of options. Flea Catering has everything from scrambled eggs to hot dogs and the best burger in Kansas City! Plus, our experienced catering professionals can put together the perfect menu for even the pickiest of eaters at your meeting.
  • Reliability. You won’t have to worry if you have enough food for everyone or how to avoid things like foodborne illnesses. Our catering pros at Joe Joe’s know all the ins and outs of feeding a crowd.

Catering your next business meeting will make everyone more excited to come! And if you’re looking for a great space to have your meeting, Westport Flea Market has a room that is sure to suit your needs. With three different spaces that have everything from flat screens, a stage, and private entrances – you’ll find a great space for your next meeting. Check out the whole Joe Joe’s Catering menu here and see all the tasty options Joe Joe’s Catering has to offer. For questions or to order, call the catering hotline at (816) 561-9900.

Joe Joe's Catering

Joe Joe’s Can Cater Your End of Year Meeting!

The New Year is just around the corner! The end of the year means meetings to wrap up 2016 and plan for 2017. Let everyone know how much you appreciate their hard work by providing a delicious hot lunch from Joe Joe’s Catering during your next meeting!

You’ll find tasty options on our menu that are sure to please your office no matter the number of employees or pickiness of eaters. Give them a taste of Italy when you serve our Pasta and Meatballs or Three Cheese Tortellini (Tri-colored tortellini with tomato and alfredo sauce, served with Italian Salad and Sliced Italian Bread).

Or, go with a Kansas City classic like K.C. BBQ – it’s always a crowd-pleaser! Our succulent sliced brisket served with award-winning baked beans, potato salad, and pickles will keep everyone in your office happy – and full! Don’t forget our famous dessert tray for after lunch – filled with cheesecake, brownies, cookies and rice crispy treats!

Visit our catering page to see all of the options Joe Joe’s Catering has to offer! For questions or to place your order, call our catering hotline at (816) 561-9900.

You Say Party, We Say Joe Joe’s

The holiday season is here! If you’re still needing to plan that holiday party, Joe Joe’s Catering is here to help lighten the load! Whether it’s a family party, a work gathering, or a last minute holiday lunch for a client, let Joe Joe’s Catering make it easier for you!

We’ve got everything from KC’s best burger and Grandma’s fried chicken to three cheese tortellini and pasta with meatballs. We’ll even deliver most anywhere in Kansas City! And Joe Joe’s loves roads trips – from Marshall, to St. Joseph to Lawrence and Lansing, Joe Joe’s never minds wheeling a delicious feast to wherever your pack gathers.

If you’re in need of space to host your party or holiday gathering, the Westport Flea Market has multiple event spaces for all parties of all sizes! Whether you have 10 guests or 200 – WFM has the ideal space for your party! Fully equipped with flat screens, private entrances, and of course delicious Joe Joe’s Catering and full bar service directly on site, Joe Joe’s is sure to make your holiday party the swinging soiree your guests will rave about for years to come!

Ready to take that party plan from paper to reality? Check out our catering menu here or call our catering hotline: (816) 561-9900 for more information!

How to Plan the Best Holiday Office Holiday!

If you’ve volunteered, or been volunteered, to plan your office’s holiday party this season—don’t worry! Joe Joe’s Catering knows it can be a daunting task – and you may be a bit overwhelmed trying to come up with something new and original to impress a variety of co-workers. Joe Joe’s has put together a list of a few steps to help get you started in the right direction and plan a party to remember!

  1. Pick a Theme. Picking a Theme for your holiday party helps to tie all aspects of the event together allowing you to make faster decisions as you move forward. Small decisions, like table decorations, are easier to make with a goal in mind.
  1. Select a Venue. This part can be tricky, but keeping your budget in mind is always a primary concern. This we understand! You don’t want to compromise quality, but you also don’t want to blow the whole budget on the location and have nothing left for other expenses. If you want a unique venue with a variety of spaces (that won’t break the budget), the Westport Flea Market offers the perfect solutions! With 3 event spaces all located within our cozy Westport party compound – directly in the heart of Kansas City – we’re sure to have just the right type of Event Room for your important occasion! And, our event spaces come fully equipped with a stage, flat screens, beverage service, and even a private entrance.
  1. Finalize your Menu with Exceptional Food and Beverages Options from Flea Catering.
    Whatever theme you chose for your event, Joe Joe’s has the menu to match! Affordable catering can be hard to find and quality food is arguably the most important aspect of most any party. Be sure to leave a good impression on your friends and co-workers by relying on Flea Catering to do what we do best—provide outstanding food with exceptional service. You can even make use of our handy online shopping cart to calculate the prices ( way in advance  of placing your order) on com. You’ll see that Flea Catering is not only quality, but affordable. (And, don’t worry, you won’t actually be charged anything until you call and place your actual order!)
  1. Flea Catering Delivers. If you opt to hold your party or special event at the office or another venue, call Joe Joe’s Catering to deliver! We deliver anywhere in KC – even St. Joe, Marshall, Leavenworth, and Lawrence! Call our Catering Hotline: (816) 561-9900 today to place you order!

There you have it! Four great ways to make your holiday party or event extra great – it all starts at the Joe Joe’s!