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3 Tips for Your St. Patrick’s Day Office Party

Everyone is at least a little Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, and toasting a pint of green beer isn’t exactly appropriate in most workplaces. Decorating, adding some music, and of course chowing down on some Irish-themed food is just the celebration your office needs! Whether you’re in Leawood, Westport, St. Joe or Liberty – your St. Patrick’s Day office party will be a hit with these tips from Joe Joe’s Catering!

St. Patrick’s Day Decoration

Run to the nearest store and pick up a few festive decorations to place around the office. While you’re there, grab some necklaces and hats for everyone – whoever forgot to wear green is covered!

Festive Music

What’s Saint Patrick’s Day without some festive tunes? Plug in some speakers and find a station to stream Irish folk music! Better yet – hire an Irish Dance Group to come perform!

Tasty Irish-Themed Luncheon

Give your colleagues a chance to sample some Irish food. And what food is more Irish than potatoes? Cater your St. Patrick’s Day office party with a baked potato bar from Joe Joe’s Catering and enjoy the classic food that the Irish have been eating for centuries! View our online menu or call the catering hotline, (816) 561-9900 for more information!